8 Tips you must know for Office Renovation


8 Tips you must know for Office Renovation

  1. Clear Objective for renovation: You must tell your contractor about your objective for renovation. Your barrier of renovation such as budget , space or dislike color.
  2. Talk to your landlord if you rent the place for incentive or money to renovate.
  3. If you own the properties make sure you have exit plan, meaning you can easily sell it with the renovation which will increase the value.
  4. Choose the right time, make sure it is off peak period for you industry.
  5. Plan align with you company plan. if your company operation going to expand make sure you have enough space for extra man power in the future
  6. Make sure you hire good interior designer as good design increase your company images
  7. Don’t try to do everything at once. Consider a multi-step, phased redesign, rather than tackling the entire property at once
  8. Go Green as Government now have incentive for company for green industry.


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